Turning @petsmart into a space to embrace the love for ALL pets. 


The GloFish’s bioluminescence and habitat ambience makes them incredibly unique pets. So we created GloFi Beats, an hour long video *stream* of a real GloFish tank set to lofi beats, that show potential fish parents the true marvel of these pets. So go ahead—cast to your TV and soak up the vibes of the GloFish tank.

Every 10 minutes, an inspirational message from the GloFish floats by.

We ran 60 second social ads that navigated users to the full YouTube stream.
People were kind of shocked that they actually liked an ad, and even replayed it—a few times. 

But most importantly, other pets loved it too: 


What would a cat want most on their special day? TO FINALLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Well, we couldn’t give them that. But we did let a cat eat some catnip and take over our Twitter. And the cat parents loved it. 


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**Emily Rhodes is a copywriter.