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Halo Top Dairy Free – It’s not ice cream. But it is. 

Dairy free ice cream isn’t ice cream. It is not made from cream. But it is ice cream. 

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Marvel Partnership
Superhero identities aren’t as they seem. Halo Top will partner with Marvel to create new flavors based on famous superheroes’ alteregos. To advertise the partnership, Halo Top will place ads in traditional movie ad locations: bus wraps and movie theaters. 

San Diego Zoo Partnership

Many animals species’ names aren’t as they seem. Halo Top will set up an ice cream stand at the San Diego Zoo, featuring a branded children’s book and ice cream flavors based on the animals in the book.

Stunt: Christmas in July Ice Cream Truck  
Halo Top will take a branded ice cream truck to popular beaches in July and serve mini pints of ice cream. 

It’s not Christmas, but it is.
It’s not snow, but it is.
He’s not Santa, but he is.
It’s not ice cream, but it is. 

Made with Mila Wizel ︎