Miscellanious Campaigns - Student Work 

Boxed Water

At first, you think the paper carton is for superficial vanity. But maybe in this case, vanity serves a greater purpose: It’s a black and white solution to going green. 

DC: Metro: Airport:

Trash + recycling bin takeover at public beaches

A phone case designed for influencers’ brutally honest selfies. 


Made with AriElle Bryant

Swagtron Hoverboards

This board moves at The Speed of Swagger. 

Instagram Stickers


Posters near the iconic Venice Skatepark:

Made with Ryan Owens 


Not onion rings. Onion flavored fun rings! 

Products + Merch

Made with Haley Schrenk


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*Emily Rhodes is not an icon.
**Emily Rhodes is a copywriter.