Tiny Hand

Stabler Leadbeater Apothecary Museum – Visit the world of cures & curiosities. 

This little apothecary-turned-museum in Alexandria, VA used to offer much more than just medicine. 

Placements – DC Metro Area

Alexandria, VA Visitor’s Guide

Alexandria, VA Historic Disctrict

Museum Storefront

Partnership with Nearby Boutique Hotels

We will place branded apothecary vials with the other hotel toiletries. Each vial will contain a coupon for the museum gift shop. 

Museum Souvenir – Liquor Bottles
As the liquor is consumed, a message is revealed. 

Museum Souvenir – Coaster Set

Guerilla: Coaster Placement in Nearby bars + Taverns

Social – Targeted to DC Metro Area

Made with Jan Junloy ︎