PetSmart - Anything for Pets

We helped launch PetSmart’s new platform Anything for Pets with some supporting content.

PetSmart Kitchen

Like us, pets also have wants and needs (and strong opinions) when it comes to food. So we made a content series that helps pet parents learn how to satisfy their pets’ palates. 

H2omes and Garden

We helped teach pet parents how to create the best habitat for their fish’s needs by partnering with design influencers to create ~h2ome~ tours of fish tanks. Content lives on .com, YouTube, paid social, and shoppable Pinterest boards. 

Zen + Garden Chic Collection (Betta Fish)

Funky Retro Collection (GloFish)

Peaceful Neutrals Collection (Black Molly Fish)

AD: Tessa Memmott 
CDs: Shiran Teitelbaum, Brynn Good


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