Tiny Hand

PetSmart – made @ Deutsch LA

Unleashing the crazy pet love for all pets. 

Anything for Pets 
We helped launch PetSmart’s new platform, Anything for Pets. To go with the anthem video, we created fun digital content. 

PetSmart Kitchen
A content series that highlights different pet palates. 

H2omes and Garden 
Home decor for fish tanks, created in partnership with design influencers. Content lives on .com, social, and Pinterest. 

Zen + Garden Chic Collection - Betta Fish

Funky Retro Collection - GloFish

Peaceful Neutrals Collection - Black Molly Fish

Creative Directors: Shiran TeitelbaumBrynn Good 

International Cat Day  

We celebrated International Cat Day by giving a cat some catnip and letting them take over our Twitter.

This takeover still holds the record for the most engagement ever on PetSmart’s Twitter. Cats and cat parents never felt so seen. 


GloFi Beats 

When an in-store GloFish experience was cancelled due to COVID, we brought the relaxing powers of these fish online.

With an hour long ~stream~ of glofi beats. 

Every 10 minutes, an inspirational message floats by. 

We also created incredibly chill phone backgrounds for followers to screenshot and save. 

Creative Directors: Josh Cassidy & Vince Feliciano

All work made with my Gemini twin / art director Tessa Memmott.