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Indoor Vices – by Outdoor Voices

Shifting an existing brand message from #DoingThings to #DoingThingsInside.


Athleisure brand Outdoor Voices is on a mission to get the world moving by #DoingThings. It’s revolutionized the athletic industry by freeing fitness from performance and intensity. Because, as OV always says, Endorphins Make You Happy.


Because of COVID-19, people are quarantined, and growing increasingly bored and desperate for movement. How can an athleisure company named Outdoor Voices spread its same message while stuck indoors?


We created a microsite that celebrates and finds humor in the “indoor vices” that are keeping us sane and happy during this time. The site offers a wide range of ideas for endorphin-boosting activities, from virtual workout classes to concert livestreams.



Social Launch

We’ll announce our new microsite to Outdoor Voices 430,000+ followers on Instagram.


On the homepage, users can scroll through a series of common indoor vices and suggestions to get the body moving from inside the home. Like using beer growlers as weights and sprinting outside for package deliveries (because hey, every step counts.)

Workout Things

Each virtual workout session links to upcoming online classes hosted by Outdoor Voices.

Entertainment Things

We’ve compiled lists of recommendations for endorphin-boosting entertainment. Because OV is a lifestyle brand, not just an athletic brand. 

Handwashing Things 

We’ve curated the ultimate playlist of 20 second segments of popular dance-y songs. Click the red alarm clock on any page of the site to discover the beat to your next (soapy) dance break. 


To commemorate this time of #DoingThingsInside, we’ve introduced a special edition collection of #DoingThingsInside merch so customers can show off their committment to quarantining and encourage friends to do the same. .


Not all brands can, or should, find humor in this unfortunate time. However, Outdoor Voices is a brand that thousands of young adults already turn to for more than just cute athleisure styles––OV has become a lifestyle brand that sells athletic clothes. OV stays relevant, honest and positive with it’s loyal community of customers. 

Indoor Vices is simply a way of furthering 
OV's existing brand mission and applying it with an uplifting spirit and social relevance.

Made with Emmaline Terry ︎