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Huddle – a platform by Penguin 

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Tasked with enhancing the reader experience, we created Huddle, an online platform that allows readers to interact with fellow book-lovers, share opinions and stay accountable over the course of a book.

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The Problem 

The Opportunity

The Solution

Huddle by Penguin, a platform designed to connect users around the world. 

The Digital Experience

Huddle will live as a subpage on the Penguin website. 

How it Works:

STEP 1: Take the QuizThe user takes a short quiz about their unique reading habits, resulting in one of four reader types. The quiz helps them get matched with the perfect Penguin Pal.

Reader Types:

Step 2: Pick a BookOnce the user is informed of their reader type, they are prompted to select a book. They browse through our curated list of books for the month and can look at previews and reviews to guide their selection.

Step 3: Join the HuddleOnce the user chooses their book, they are prompted to create their Huddle account and chooses their subscription preferences. From there, they can access their personalized Huddle dashboard.

Step 4: Meet your Pal New orders will ship on the 1st of every month. Soon, the user will receive their book, as well as instructions for connecting with their Penguin Pal in the Huddle dashboard. As the user reads their book, they can share their thoughts and opinions with their Pal on the Dashboard.

Step 5: Read & Repeat Once the reading period comes to an end, users can choose to swap contact information to stay in touch. Users will then select a new book and prepare for their next Penguin Pal.

By giving readers a different Penguin Pal with each new book, Huddle builds a close knit community of readers around the world.

Why it Works

Huddle solves for the three stress factors we discovered about readers during our research process.

ACCOUNTABILITY By matching with a Penguin Pal who has similar reading habits, members are held accountable to finish their book in their chosen amount of time to continue interacting with their Pal of the month.

CHOICE OVERLOAD Members of Huddle are given a select list of five books to choose from every month, making their decision of what book to read much simpler, and far less overwhelming.

SOCIAL PRESSURE Huddle offers our readers an outlet for sharing their love of reading in a fun, low pressure way, at a pace that the user feels comfortable with.

Made with Tika Appaiah, Doug West and Anna Boutchard ︎