Tiny Hand

Boxed Water Is Better – A black and white solution for going green. 

Boxed Water seems pretentious, until you realize that vanity is in fact its sole purpose: being a clear solution to the problem of single-use plastic. So we created ads that explained the power of it’s superficial, degrading packaging.  

Out of Home Posters

Billboard (DC + LA)

Subway Poster

Product Extension: Airport Vending Machines

Instagram Ads

Product Extension +  Selfie Campaign
A phone case designed for influencers’ brutally honest selfies.


Stunt: Branded Trash + Recycling Bins in Santa Monica

Retail + Product Innovation
Partnership with REI to create in-store Boxed Water vending machines and branded toilet paper. 

Packaging Redesign

The new packaging explains why Boxed Water is better for the environment, and helps make the carton stand out from milk cartons (which has been a prior source of confusion).

Made with Arielle Bryant (AD) and Cara Coffin (ST) ︎